Cravendale’s Strategic Use of Social Media

When I first sat down to write this post and review the strategic use of social media by the brand, Cravendale, all I wanted to do was rush off to PnP and buy some delicious cookies and some milk to accompany them. Then I remembered that I don’t even like drinking milk, not on its own anyway! Oooh and then I also remembered I was on a strict diet, promptly took the keys out of the ignition and begrudgingly walked back to my flat. (By the way there aren’t even any cheat days to console myself with, sigh).

Once I got over this craving (I’m not really over the craving) I was able to sit down and begin. But where do I begin? The link with the promotion of milk and the use of social media is strange and yet the Cravendale brand is so engaging and so focused on involving their customers within their social media campaigns. Their main platform of interaction was the brand’s Twitter Feed, which then had various links to their website, YouTube videos and their Facebook page. These social media channels were used to connect with the brand’s target audience of young people , who communicate through online platforms and who, obviously love milk (and biscuits… to dunk into the milk!). The targeted audience’s age range would be from about 11-34 (in my opinion anyway). The choice of using social media to communicate with them was strategic in that these people socialize in an online space and this is the cheapest way to generate word of mouth and advertise, as these people tend to share a great amount of content through links, retweeting and sharing photos; which in turn creates viral campaigns. Hence Cravendale is essentially marketing to content shares, content consumers as well as content creators. Who knew milk could reach such a wide range of people!

The focus of the brand’s Twitter feed was the kind of creepy (very creepy) Barry the Biscuit Boy! This was a campaign created by Cravendale in order to generate discussion around the brand, among their social media followers. The campaign’s video shows a biscuit figure going for a swim in a lake of milk, because he cannot resit Cravendale milk, he ignores what his mother told him about swimming for too long. His face then disintegrates and he is kind of um, decapitated. But all ends well when his mother  bakes him a new head. The message here is that Cravendale is so good, you could lose your head over it! Continue reading


Reflecting on My E-marketing Journey…

When I first heard about e-marketing I actually heard BUS4074S but it wouldn’t have made any difference what you called it because I still wouldn’t have known what it was. It was like one of those awkward situations where someone asks you if you know someone and you say yes, then they ask you a question about them and you quickly change your answer to “well I know of them”. Yes, that was me and e-marketing. I walked in thinking I know about marketing and I know about the internet & digital landscape so ja that’s e-marketing. Welllll I couldn’t have been more wrong! I thought I was tech savvy before this course, now I could definitely work at an Apple genius bar (ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch).

In terms of the course there were a lot of really great, enjoyable and insightful topics which were covered. We had great guest lectures as well as a great lecturer, Steph. Although there were one or two topics or guest lecturers who were a bit meh there were definitely two who I just could not pick a favourite between. I loved Di Charlton, I mean what a great name! Di spoke about digital consumer behaviour- how to understand which touch points to use and how to reach the consumer effectively. She highlighted how consumers are living in a post digital era and how businesses need to play catch up to cater for their ever increasing demands. I really engaged with what Di spoke to and felt that it could be applied to even the simplest experience of going out for a meal, and how digital behaviour has made this more complex, as this aritcle outlines.I also loved Rian Carstens‘s lecture on digital marketing planning as well as working with his company C6 Consulting, for our group project. My section of the project focused on e-frictions within South Africa and I really loved learning about them! This has equipped me with the ability to be able to criticise articles which I read, which suggest online advertising can reach all South Africans and fails to highlight that they are actually referring to the Sandton & Constantia housewives, their actual target. I had a great article to critic on this exact point however, Moneyweb decided to delete it- they must have known I was on to them! Adding to the group project I was lucky enough to have a great group who worked as a team and got a great mark (well we thought so anyway) in the end. Continue reading

Search Engine Rank Factors

When I woke up on the 19th of September 2014, rolled out of bed, slapped on some makeup  while I was still half asleep & half heartedly strolled up to upper Campus, I thought it would be just like any other day of lectures (i.e. only exciting during the last 15 mins of the day- because home time was in sight). Little did I know that a mind-blowing lecture by Clicks2Customers CEO, Johnathan Gluckman, was waiting for me in A100 at 9am! The lecture was mostly mind-blowing because I had a pounding headache and crippling flu so it felt like my head would explode at any given time! But also because I was fascinated by what Johnathan told us. I had never really thought about what goes into getting one’s page to be one of the top ranked searches on Google (or Bing- you know because everyone loves Bing). I was drawn in by all the information which Johnathan was feeding us however a lot of it was quite technical and blondie over here got a bit lost while trying to follow what was going on. From paid search to Search Engine Optimisation, organic searches, content, bidding on key words, to what landing page Google takes you to; PLUS we had the Ad rank calculation thrown in there too, I really though my head was going to explode at this point! I mean I could definitely talk about everything Johnathan had shared with us and you would think that I knew exactly what was going on, that is, as long as you didn’t ask me to explain anything to you in great depth. Continue reading

My Digital Footprint & Personal Brand


In the digtial world, where you’ve been determines where you’re going.

If you had to think of yourself as a brand you would think business savvy, cover of the Financial Mail, completely put together at all times, right? Well you would be WRONG. You would most probably be taking selfies, assuming the position of a teapot whenever there’s a photo op or absolutely ravenous most of the time because you can’t eat anything without snapping it, applying a filter and posting it to instagram first #instayum. But if you were to Google yourself, what would you really be able to find? What brand are you really  representing and how might your family and future employers truly perceive you if they were to see those pictures you probably shouldn’t have been tagged in? Well this is exactly what I set out to do. To see who Di Frost was, according to the internet…. Continue reading